Most women that you would come across would tell you that they are not into watching porn. They discard it as just some middle aged guy banging a professional porn actress who sports fake cans! While it is true that most of the mainstream pornography is aimed at a male audience, there is also another genre that has an alternative aim. This genre is the “feminist porn” or porn for consumption of women.

Ever since the advent of feminist porn, free feminist porn can be found easily on the world wide web. The year 2013 saw the first feminist porn conference being hosted. It was attended by a number of educators and purveyors of feminist porn or rather female friendly porn and the theory and production of such porn was discussed. However, there are several questions that arise as regards the very definition of feminist porn. Does it still remain feminist porn if the female partner is degraded by it?

To understand what essentially female porn is, there is a need to have a little knowledge of its history and origin. Not too long ago, the very idea of making porn for women was beyond imagination and also a taboo. It was in the beginning of 1980s that people came to terms with the fact that it is not only men who are interested in porn, but it interests women too. As time kept passing, people caught up with the idea and feminist porn got acceptance.

1990s saw the rise of couple’s pornography and the small cadre of female porn directors got an opportunity to direct porn for women. The next decade was literally an explosion of feminist pornographers, Buck Angel and Madison Young to name a few. It also saw the institution of Feminist Porn Awards. Since then there has been no looking back and there has been a greater awareness about the female desire for porn. In the present scenario, statistics reveal that one in every three persons watching porn is a female.

Feminist porn is both an established as well as budding genre of pornography that uses sexually bold and open imagery to represent porn that appeals to the feminine gender. It does not take only a singular female viewer into consideration but several of them and tries to cater for varied preferences of each one of them. Makers of feminist porn stress on the importance of fair labor practices in production and treatment of their workers. They also strive to create a safe, consensual and ethical work environment for their employees.

With feminist porn being so readily available for free, its popularity is on the rise and more and more females are joining the bandwagon shedding their cloaks of pretence.